lidding films, laser perforated film, film for snack packaging
The KM Packaging Team
Although technology, systems and procedures all have their part to play in modern businesses, we have learnt that the heart of providing exceptional service is the people who make things happen.

KM Packaging has worked hard to ensure that its team has the perfect balance, combining industry specialists, technical wizards, creative artists and practical business managers to ensure that we consistently have high levels of expertise and a team with a genuine care about the service it provides.

We manage customer projects at every stage, from concept through to delivery and final use

KM Packaging - Charles Smithson
Charles Smithson -
Managing Director

KM Packaging - Graham Holding
Graham Holding -
Commercial Director

KM Packaging - Jamie Close
Jamie Close -
Financial Director
KM Packaging - Emily Perry
Emily Perry -
Business Support Assistant

KM Packaging - Amana Glover
Amanda Glover -
Procurement and Customer Services Manager
KM Packaging - Sara Athey
Sara Athey -
Customer Services

KM Packaging - Jamie Close
John Shipley -
Business Development l Manager
KM Packaging - Agnieszka Knap
Agnieszka Knap -
Technical Manager
KM Packaging - Gail Starrs
Gail Starrs -
Print Services

KM Packaging - Claire Meads
Claire Meads -
Customer Services

Michelle Johnson
Michele Johnson -
Financial Manager

Alex Saker -
Business Development
KM Packaging - Tim Gilbert
Nigel Down -
Technical Services Manager

KM Packaging - Alan Lockhart
Alan Lockhart -
Business Unit Directorr

Natalya Ricketts
Natalya Ricketts -
Customer Services
Ann Hau -
Customer Services
KM Packaging - Chris Kerridge
Mark Vernon -
Business Unit Director

KM Packaging - Alan Lockhart
Kerry Wilson -
Print Services Manager

Brenda Cooper
Lily Nita -
Customer Services

Katie Puckle -
Business Support Trainee